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Ann L. Dundon

Web Development and Training

Certified Webmaster
Certified Interactive Multimedia Designer

Summary:   Web developer and designer specializing in database-driven web applications; professional educator with 15 years' teaching experience.

Technologies/Applications:   HTML, DHTML, Javascript, CGI, PHP, VBScript, ASP, SQL; MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash


Owner, Tower Studios
Founded in Santa Barbara, CA, 2000

Tower Studios provides expert web site development services, from initial planning and design through site launch and ongoing maintenance. We specialize in building database-driven Web applications and interactive multimedia.

Consultant and Developer, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Santa Barbara, CA, current (

  • Created online members registration and tracking system with administrative interface for foundation web sites, using ASP for database connectivity.
  • Added suite of online data-collection forms for members joining at seven different levels, and for users making donations, signing appeals, or sending page referrals.
  • Provided scripting for website Members Area and integrated ASP discussion board.
  • Built online quiz feature for foundation's educational web site.
  • Supplying ongoing technical support and training.

Developer, QuizRunner
Santa Barbara, CA, current (

  • Used ASP to build an online-learning application that allows users to create and take quizzes through a browser interface.
  • Created database support to store student results and quiz contents. Quizzes are generated dynamically, and results can be viewed in table or chart form.
  • Continuing to add features as user base expands.

Consultant and Developer,
Santa Barbara, CA, current (

  • Built client's online store, selling gift baskets for people with health problems.
  • Refined client's original design, creating custom ShopSite page and product templates; prepared all images.
  • Added customer feedback form and customized shopping cart pages.
  • Provided ongoing technical support and back office management training.

Developer, The Munich Experience
Cleveland, OH, 2000 (

  • Built informational site on University-sponsored study abroad program, with accompanying faculty pages.
  • Created all design and graphic content.
  • Providing ongoing technical support and content updates.

Network Project Development Coordinator, Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH, 1992 to 1996

  • Worked with a team to develop Web-based linteractive language program with students at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Developed curriculum and oversaw production of language exchange activities, including e-mail and bi-campus, bilingual multimedia projects.
  • Planned and participated in annual Network Project Development and Curriculum Planning Conferences in Tokyo and Cleveland.
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Instructor, UCSB Extension Programs
Santa Barbara, CA current

  • "Interactive Multimedia with Macromedia Director," UCSB Extension International Programs, Summer 2001.
  • "Editing Digital Video with Adobe Premiere 6.0," UCSB Extension Digital Arts program, Spring 2000.
  • "Optimizing Graphics for the Web," UCSB Extension Digital Arts program, Summer 2000, 2001.
  • "Elements of Web Site Development Using HTML," UCSB Extension Digital Arts program, Winter 2001.

Teaching Assistant, UCSB Extension Programs
Santa Barbara, CA current

  • Courses in Information Technology program, July-December 2000.
  • Courses in Digital Arts program, March-August 2000.
  • Courses in E-Commerce Development program, March, June, 2000.

Instructor and Assistant Professor, Japanese and Comparative Literature
Dept. of Modern Languages, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 1992 to 1996

  • "Elementary Japanese I & II Intensive," 1992-95
  • "Intermediate Japanese I & II Intensive," 1993-95
  • "Advanced Japanese I & II," 1995-96
  • "Topics in Japanese," Fall 1995
  • "Independent Studies in Japanese," Spring 1995
  • "Modern Japanese Writers in Translation," Spring 1996
  • "Trends in Recent Fiction: The Grotesque," Spring 1996

Instructor, Japanese and Comparative Literature
Washington University, St. Louis, MO 1988 to 1992

  • "First Level Intensive Modern Japanese I & II," 1986-91
  • "Introduction to Comparative Practice," Spring 1990

Director of International Education
Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA 1981 to 1984

  • Managed foreign student recruitment and admissions: 12% of student body from 30 countries.
  • Provided support services for enrolled foreign students.
  • Developed and maintained contacts with overseas alumni and educational institutions in support of faculty exchange programs.
  • Managed Cornell International Center and campus international events.

Director of Public Information
Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA 1980 to 1981

  • Produced all official college publications.
  • Organized media relations and college activities promotion.
  • Provided program support for Offices of the President, Development, Alumni, Admissions, and Student Affairs.

News Director
Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA 1978 to 1980

  • Handled media relations and produced all college news releases.
  • Wrote and edited college alumni magazine.
  • Provided photographic services for all campus events.
  • "Using the Internet in the Language Curriculum." CWRUNet Days Symposium, Case Western Reserve University, April 1994.
  • "Technology and Language Pedagogy: Electronic Networking and Cross-Cultural Communication." Association of Teachers of Japanese Annual Meeting, Boston, April 1994.
  • Panelist, "Translating Between Truly Foreign Languages." CWRU Symposium, Case Western Reserve University, October 1993.
  • Presentation: "Networking with a Japanese University: the Waseda-CWRU Project." Lake Erie Teachers of Japanese Annual Meeting, East Lansing, MI, April 1993.
  • "Japanese Literature and Film in the High School Curriculum." International Education Consortium, St, Louis, July 1991.
  • "Kanagawa Kiko" (in Japanese). Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies, Yokohama, June 1988.
  • Editor, "The International Center Newsletter." (Solely responsible for content and production.) Quarterly publication, Cornell College, 1982 to 1985.
  • Chair, "Newcomers" and "Internationalizing the Curriculum." NAFSA Region IV Annual Meeting, Omaha, NE, October 1983.
  • "Recruitment of Students in Northeast and Southeast Asia." NAFSA Region IV Annual Meeting, Sioux Falls, SD, October 1982.
  • Editor, "The Cornell Report." (Solely responsible for content and production.) Quarterly alumni magazine, Cornell College, 1978 to 1981.
  • "Soyinkan Aesthetics in Culture in Transition." First Annual Symposium on African Literature, Ibadan, Nigeria, July 1976.
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  • Interactive Multimedia Design Certificate, UCSB Extension Programs, 1999 to 2000.
  • WebMaster Designer and Web Site Manager Certificate, UCSB Extension Programs, 1999 to 2000.
  • Ph.D. Program in Japanese and Comparative Literature, Washington University, 1986 to 1992 (ABD).
  • Intensive Graduate Language Program, Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies, Yokohama, Japan, 1987 to 1988.
  • Graduate Studies in African Literature, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 1975 to 1976.
  • A.B., English, magna cum laude, Bryn Mawr College, 1971 to 1975.
HONORS AND AWARDS           Back to Top
  • Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Washington University, 1991.
  • Washington University Fellowship, Fall 1985; 1989 to 1992.
  • Inter-University Center Prize for Linguistic Competence in Japanese Literature, 1988.
  • Japan Foundation Fellowship, 1987 to 1988.
  • Jacob K. Javits Fellowship, U.S. Dept. of Education 1986 to 1989.
  • DeFreitas Scholarship for Research in Africa 1975 to 1976.
  • Alumnae Regional Scholarship, Bryn Mawr College, 1971 to 1975.


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