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Ann Dundon has been teaching professionally since the mid-1980s. Her interest in web-based learning began in the early '90s when she was teaching Japanese and comparative literature at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Students there were among the first in the US to use the Internet to communicate in Japanese with their peers in Japan.

Here are a few samples of Ann Dundon's teaching-related activities on the web.

QuizRunner is an online application that lets users make and take quizzes online, score them, and check the results.

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Ann Dundon's HTML Course Site   Web Site Development Using HTML
This course, offered through UC-Santa Barbara Extension, gives students a firm foundation in HTML coding.

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Editing Digital Video Using Adobe Premiere
Also offered through UC-Santa Barbara Extension, this course introduces techniques of digital video editing using Adobe's powerful Premiere 6.5 software.

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  Ann Dundon's Premiere Course Site
Ann Dundon's Director Site   Interactive Multimedia with Director
Students in UCSB Extension's International Programs learn Macromedia Director 8 Shockwave Studio by building animations and games.

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Japanese Calligraphy
This informational site focusses on the techniques and tools of Japanese calligraphy, including an introduction to the Japanese writing system.

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  Ann Dundon's Japanese Calligraphy Site

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